About Kilo Health

Kilo Health is one of the world's leading digital health and wellness companies, attracting talent to join its fast-growing team while also co-founding and accelerating start-ups in the rapidly growing digital health industry.

Kilo Health offers unparalleled opportunities for entrepreneurial talents and visionaries to build digital health products of the future, with over 4 million paying users worldwide (the majority in the United States), strong technology, and a digital marketing platform.

Kilo Health was founded with the goal of creating the most engaging and effective digital lifestyle interventions to help people live healthier lives by preventing, managing, or treating various health conditions.

Kilo Health has grown from 7 to 500 bright talents in three years by constantly seeking new opportunities, co-founding, and accelerating prospective next-generation products. The company aims to become the most loved digital health and wellness product suite globally.